UZINFOCOM is engaged in development and implementation of information technologies in our country. The number of the interesting and perspective projects implemented by UZINFOCOM permanently grows. Therefore we need vigorous, purposeful and creative employees with new ideas and with a new view on the solution of tasks.

Collective is excellent, the work is interesting; we offer ideal conditions for creative and career growth, as well as comfortable working conditions (gym, kitchen), the worthy salary, a social packet, funny corporate actions and more.           

We need analysts on the ICT sphere, web programmers, and specialists in information security, system administrators and other experts.

Send your CV (with the attached photo) to . It is necessary to specify the last seniority, skills and knowledge which you own, contact information and contacts of persons to which we can address for the recommendation.

We won't write about work, come and make sure that is interesting and you will not be bored - there is boundless opportunities for creative and career growth.

There are two variants to replenish forces, and both of them are pleasant!

First variant is our gym: different trainers, dumbbells, jumpers, table tennis, etc.

Boys can pump up a figure as Arnold, and girls, on the contrary, make it refined, being engaged in aerobics.                                           

The second variant is our kitchen: there are many magazines on ICT for several years, including Russian on the shelves. It is a real treasure for techies and geeks.

And of course, you can make tea and coffee, get cake from the refrigerator and discuss with somebody important news in kitchen. And also it is possible to have a dinner, as well as celebrate Birthday, having invited all to a pie.

External accuracy and purity corresponds to the relations in collective: goodwill, mutual assistance and gentle humor.

It's great, it's interesting and prestigious! Join us!

Social package

We appreciate each employee and understand how much he does for UZINFOCOM. We aim to ensure that employees could derive pleasure working with us. In particular, we provide the following complex social package for the employees:

  • The contract for the medical insurance where the enterprise pays 50% of insurance cost is annually signed, as well as insurance for the native is organized;
  • Transportation costs are paid;
  • The financial support is paid, and also, there is an opportunity to take the loan (for example, on purchase of the good mobile phone or something else) on terms favorable to the employee;
  • Professional development of employees at the expense of UZINFOCOM’s means is organized;
  • For active and initiative employees mobile communication is paid, 1 Gb of free hosting is provided, as well as expenditures on Internet for use at house are covered;
  • In the fall receiving agricultural products is organized.
  • Festive premiums are paid;
  • The trade-union committee provides permits in rest houses, sanatoria dispensaries and camps for children of employees on favorable terms;
  • Tickets in cultural events (theaters, cinemas, conservatories, etc.) to the staff of UZINFOCOM and their children are purchased;
  • The employees having parents-pensioners receive a special set of products in holidays;
  • The employees having relatives-veterans of World War II also receive a special set of products for them;
  • The employees-anniversaries are encouraged with souvenir gifts;
  • The employees has worked in the communication sphere 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and more years are encouraged with gifts too;
  • There is festive pilaf annually on "Navruz" and "Independence Day" holidays in UZINFOCOM;
  • The country trip to recreation areas on UZINFOCOM’ birthday is annually organized;
  • For employees’ school age children annually by the beginning of academic year stationery is got;
  • For employees’  children New Year's gifts and tickets for New Year's representations are got, besides the festive fir-tree gets a job in  UZINFOOCOM with participation of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, as well as other fantastic characters;
  • At a disease of employees sick-lists are paid, besides, there is always an arsenal of necessary medicines, as well as the qualified and trained employee ready at any time to provide first aid in UZINFOCOM.

Corporate actions

The corporate events rallying collective are constantly held In UZINFOCOM. They are organized by administration and trade-union committee of UZINFOCOM. The one of them, certainly, New Year's Eve, and lately this celebration takes place it on a ski resort in Yangiabad. It is remembered much more long, than till next New Year.

New Year's Eve takes place every year more cheerfully! We meet, prepare and anticipate … Unfortunately, New Year's Eve is only once in a year, but pleasant corporate holidays take place more often.

One more very pleasant event is corporate pilaf! Our chefs usually prepare corporate pilaf on Navruz and Independence Day celebrities in UZINFOCOM. It is always very tasty, look at eaters’ happy faces!

Also our chefs prepare corporate pilaf after festive community work days, increasing feeling of participation to favorite collective and consolidating satisfaction from collaboration. Nothing pulls together so strongly, as joint preparation of pilaf and amicable eating!

And also all look forward the middle of summer when the Center celebrates the Birthday. By the established tradition it takes place in one of the best recreation areas near Tashkent. It is difficult to overestimate importance for team building, collective strengthening.

On a beach, pool and athletic field you can see what remarkable people work with you, because at work you see them only in the corridor, behind the monitor or on Skype.

It's just great to have a rest with your favorite colleagues, dance and run about with them or even to dump somebody to the pool.

Look at these happy faces; don't you really want to join such remarkable collective?

Come and join! Let’s work together! You won't regret.

Training in UZINFOCOM

After graduating of academic year students have one question: what's next? For the ambitious students seeking in advance to choose a profession, there is another question: What to do in the summer? Graduates have more seriously question: how to choose life business, construct career, and achieve the high objectives.

Presently, to begin work and to be the competitive candidate on a labor market, except personal skills and theoretical knowledge, some experience, knowledge of internal productions, etc. are required. For talented youth it is a unique opportunity to gain similar experience, decide on activity, and gain certain communicative skills. And for the companies it is an opportunity to create worthy team and resupply personnel.

Training in UZINFOCOM is a unique opportunity to work with experts of the business in one of the best IT companies of the country, get valuable experience in the field of ICT, and learn to work in team and gain skills of communication with people.

If you are ambitious, purposeful and wish to work in IT sphere, we invite you to training in UZINFOCOM!


Send your CV (with the attached photo) to . It is necessary to specify the last seniority, skills and knowledge which you own, contact information and contacts of persons to which we can address for the recommendation.

The sent CV is considered within one week. However, we have no opportunity to answer all — we will contact only what offers will really interest us. In case of compliance to requirements, the candidate is called on interview with the management of UZINFOCOM.

Resource center ZiyoNET Work confidently in Photoshop, Adobe illustrator / Corel Draw. Knowledge features of polygraphy process. The ability to create design presentations and promotional materials.
Technical Service Group System administrator of servers on the basis of UNIX operation system
System administrator Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (2008)
Resource center ZiyoNET 
Programmer PHP (OOP, Yii Framework, JS, SQL)
National Information System Formation and Development Department .NET Developer

Telephone: 238-4200
Fax: 238-4248
E-mail: info[at]
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