Development of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS), automation of administrative and business processes in the organization

ERPS is company resources management system. It is implemented to integrate all departments of the company and all necessary functions in one computer system which will service the current needs of these departments.

The system carries the single database on all departments and tasks so the information access becomes simpler, and departments have an possibility to communicate.

ERPS allows the enterprise or group of companies the following:

  • create the single information space
  • increase the main activities indexes
  • structure and improve management system
  • increase management efficiency
  • improve reliability and efficiency activities acquisition data
  • improve quality and timeliness of reporting
  • increase efficiency of the main business processes of the company

 UZINFOCOM offers creation of information system which will allow to integrate a numerous and separate network of representations and branches in single information environment of activities for the enterprises and departments with a big organization structure.

UZINFOCOM’s specialists execute projects on implementation of enterprise information system on MS SharePoint Portal Server platform, including the followings:

  • Survey and analysis of customer requirements
  • Design and creation of portal prototype
  • Software delivery setup
  • Implementation and training
  • Technical support and maintenance

As a result, efficiency of work processes will grow in the organization continuously. This efficiency will be providing leading situation in the region, in the branch, in economy as a whole.

At present, UZINFOCOM has developed and implemented a number of information systems:

Access control and management system "Ctrl" – system allows automating and keeping more careful account of working hours and monitoring of organization staff access on different objects. This system has already been implemented in the building of UZINFOCOM and has been tested for the purpose of its further implementation in other institutions.

The corporate portal based on MS SharePoint – is capable to create essentially new work environment of the organization, allowing receiving and processing quickly necessary information, control execution progress of objectives, vise and agree on documents in electronic form, receive required reports and analytical information for acceptance of the right decision. The portal has already been implemented at UZINFOCOM and has been tested for the purpose of its further implementation in other institutions.

Complex of information systems "Aloka" – subsystems "Telephone aloqasi", "Pochta Aloqasi" and "Aloqa va majlumot uzatish tarmoqlarini boshqarish" are created. Data collection on telephone communication, mail service, and communication networks and data transfers in single space is carried out. Now CIS is implemented in all departments of “Uzbekiston pochtasi” JSC, “Uzbektelekom” JSC and “RTMCUz” GUE with possibility of a higher body to receive summary information on all departments.

CIS "Citizens coming off" - for collection, processing, systematization and information storage about local governments and their activities is created. The system is developed specially for “Mahallya” Fund.

Information System of CEMC – guiding of electronic document management in Central office and branches of CEMC.

Information System of CCITT – unification of office-work and document management procedures, standardization of interaction forms, elimination different duplicating procedures.

Information System of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics. Within this project five decisions are developed and implemented:

    1. Complex of specialized programs for control of the main socio-economic indexes databases (ONLINE-solution)

    2. System of the statistical reporting collection through Internet (ONLINE–solution);

    3. Management system of the Single state register of the enterprises and organizations and trade names issuance (ONLINE–solution);

    4. Electronic document management system;

    5. System creation on rendering interactive state services in representation of statistical data through the official website

Please, contact us on contracts conclusion for information systems development: Tel. 238-4228

Information Security Expertize

Information Security Expertize by UZINFOCOM’s specialists includes the analysis of privacy information levels, objects of confidential information storage and determination of access to objects of its storage; verification of the tasks solved in the corporate environment; analysis of operating systems, network protocols of services and protection systems.

Based on the carried out expertize of network safety by UZINFOCOM’s specialists the recommendations allowing increasing security of organization’s information resources to necessary level is issued:

IS expertize consists of the following stages:

  • visual survey of workstations;
  • visual survey of servers;
  • network scanning of workstations and servers by a specialized software within a local area network on existence of vulnerabilities;
  • automated scanning of available websites by a specialized software and check in a manual mode on existence of vulnerabilities; 
  • analysis of existing physical protection of the territory on which the researched information system settles down;
  • analysis of existing internal normative documents on information security;
  • interviewing of responsible persons in the organizations;
  • analysis of generally available resources and information circulating on network.

 Please, contact us on contract conclusions for information security expertizes: Tel: 238-42-41, 238-42-42.

Acsess Management and Control System «Ctrl»

Implementation of AMCS "Ctrl" developed by UZINFOCOM gives ample opportunities for monitoring and restriction of entry on different objects. Thus cost of system support after its implementation is minimal. Besides, the system allows automating and keeping more thorough account of working hours and monitoring of staff access on different objects. This system has already been implemented in the building of UZINFOCOM and has been tested for the purpose of its further implementation in other institutions.

The principle of operation consists in installation in necessary places the break points (BP), pass or fixing through which is carried out on presentation of ID-card (RFID system). The functional features of BP are various depending on the requirements. It can be only fixing of the fact of passing through BP, or fixing and pass monitoring through BP.

Each fact of fixing is logged in the single database from all BP. For further employees entry log viewing it is necessary to enter beforehand into DB the list of the faces allowed for pass and add to them the tags used in ID-cards.

Please, click here for more detail (media-presentation about the system)

Corporate Portal and Electronic Document Management on the basis of SharePoint

Implementation of corporate portal allows solving the following problems:

  • Increase of overall performance of employees due to simplification of access to different information sources
  • collaboration support over documents with opportunities of demarcation access
  • automation of business processes of the organization and integration of different applications into the single enterprise information space, creation of the single access point to set of systems, such as Microsoft Office System applications, business analysis and project management systems, as well as existing industry applications, including specialized software
  • lowering of company’s expenses due to centralization of employees’ access to enterprise information services, ease of maintenance and upgrade
  • creation of the single platform for further development of IT services and automation of business processes of the organization

In the field of complex control automation by the enterprise UZINFOCOM proposes the solution on implementation of internal corporate portal which is capable to create essentially new work environment of the organization, allowing to receive and process quickly necessary information, control of objectives execution, vise and agree on documents in electronic form, receive reports and analytical information for acceptance of the right decision.

Within these systems possibility to automate the following main processes is given:

  • internal system of EDM
  • monitoring and control of performing discipline
  • office-work on personnel questions
  • guiding of operations of all or separate departments and divisions of the organizations
  • guiding of accounting and other statistical reports
  • guiding of the centralized registers and databases on organization activity (database of normative documents, databank of accountings, different forms, contacts, register of employees, organizations, etc.)

This system has already been implemented at UZINFOCOM and passed full approbation. EDMS is regularly updated and expanded functionally.

Billing system

The flexible system, allowing keeping account of provided services consuming.

In system the tools for creation of flexible tariff plans are provided.

The system allows distributing tasks between departments and all this in the single system.

Detailed record of each action of users in system.

Clients have access to the Cabinet where they have possibility to control a status of orders, as well as write-offs from their accounts

It’s not necessary to give out help about a status of provided service to the user (the user himself controls the services through the Cabinet).

Transparency of system (the user has all on a look).

Flexibility to issue reports (financial reports, the report on volumes of the provided services).

Integration with system (allows simplifying process of contracts conclusion).

Process of passport data verification is given to system (you get authenticated users).

Integration with payment systems (acceptance of payments online).

The system will be convenient for such organizations as: Internet service providers, Hosting providers, Cable television, as well as for any companies which work with clients online.

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