Development of national network segment

UZINFOCOM promotes development of services and content, providing different character of services: hosting in the Data-center, mail service, searching, rating, catalog and statistics of hosts on, Single Identification System ID.UZ and service of the short links Also the Centre administers the National UZ domain, holds events for information security.

Besides, the Centre develops websites, provides ability of websites-satellites guiding, communication on and uForum, uploading videos on and concentration of personal information on Users have all conditions for creative growth and pleasant communication on the Network.

Administration of the domain zone «UZ» ccTLD

UZINFOCOM is the administrator of the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) UZ according to the ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement signed with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on 27 March 2003 in Uzbekistan.

UZINFOCOM conducts large-scale activity on stimulation and coordination of the process of creation and development of information resources in the national Internet segment.

UZINFOCOM has taken measures to decentralize registration services and support of domain names, maintain the competitive environment in the sector and increase the quantity and quality of the provided services. The number of official registrars of the second level domain UZ was increased in the autumn of 2005 from one to six, and this has led to sharp reduction of the domain registration prices.

Web site development

UZINFOCOM offers services in development and creation of websites and further assistance in rendering information and technical support, including:

  • development of the specification on website development, according to legislation requirements;
  • development of website design and structure;
  • development of valid HTML code;
  • hosting;
  • technical support of website;
  • registration in search systems;
  • development of interactive systems software (bulletin board, guest book, vote, forum, etc.);
  • development of additional modules at the request of customers;
  • periodic updating of website resources;
  • development and placement of advertising banner

 Our specialists have developed websites of the following organizations:

      • The State Tax Committee (;
      • The State Customs Committee (;
      • “O’zmontajmaxsusqurilish” Association (;
      • The State Inspection for control over the use of oil products and natural gas (;
      • Central Election Commission (;
      • Republican Interdepartmental Commission on counteraction to human trafficking (;
      • The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics (;
      • The Higher Military Customs Institute (;
      • National Dog Training Center at SCC (

Free service of e-mail is the largest mail service of the National network segment of Internet, available on the Tas-IX zone. There is ability to work with e-mail clients Outlook, THE BAT! and others.

Users will be able to receive convenient mailbox and use mail service. There are many convenient settings and functions: virus checking, spam personal filters setup, messages sorting, etc. Mail system will be recommended for civil servant, demanded for businessmen for corporate mail services and simple users. Developers of the Center will do everything possible for stable and comfortable work of this mail service.

The largest forum of Uzbekistan is created for discussion of ICT development subjects, interaction of users with public institutions and companies related to ICT. For last years the forum integrated thousands users discussions of the most different subjects related to ICT, culture, sports, policy, etc.

The forum suggests all organizations to open the sections for possibility of communication with users. The forum is very popular and it is carefully moderated.

UZINFOCOM Data-center

UZINFOCOM Data-center is a reliable technological platform for placement of information and communication infrastructure. The Data-center renders webhostingco-location and VPS services.

Technological solutions of the Data-center allow guaranteeing to customers high level of availability of services and providing uninterrupted operation of infrastructure functioning. The data-center provides high-speed access to information resources of Internet, possessing reliable communication channels and guaranteeing conditions for continuous work of the server equipment of clients.


National Information Search System WWW.UZ is a mechanism of fast access to information of national segment of Internet. WWW.UZ carries out search of the website in the address and contents. There are available descriptions of Uzbekistan websites being in open access to the Internet registered and systematized on thematic catalogs in the system.

National information search system WWW.UZ is an open and available top-rating to viewing and summary statistics of websites. WWW.UZ system conducts open statistics of Uzbekistan websites. It defined and estimated the popularity of the resource. On all sites participating in a rating WWW.UZ systems counters are installed.

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